One-hour Travel throughout Guangzhou by 2020

One-hour Travel throughout Guangzhou by 2020



    Newly-built 300 kilometers metroway by 2040 is to connect every corner of the city. (

    Guangzhou dwellers can find a metro station just within fifteen-minute's walk by 2020. By 2040 all 20 metro lines will be put in force and take you to the surrounding cities in the Pearl River Delta region, Guangdong province.

    The Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau and Guangzhou Metro Company issued a latest plan of the transportation network on Monday. Residents now can submit their opinions online or by email.

    According to the plan, by 2020 the city will increase a metro ring line ¨C the No. 11 line connects Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangzhou East Railway Station. Lines will be added in the station-sparse Haizhu district, as well as some areas that metro never reaches before like Dongfeng Lu and Ersha Island.

    The plan also covers two county-level cities (Conghua and Zengcheng) and the outskirts of Guangzhou, providing better junctions of airport, railways, expressways and waterways. If passengers set off from the central Pearl River New Town, it will only take 30 minutes to everywhere in the downtown, or one hour to the center of neighboring cities.

    It is expected that by 2020 daily ridership of track transport can reach seven million, accounting for 50% of the public transport. 60% of the track transport will be built inside the tunnel. These newly-built 300 kilometers metroway, with a price of 480 million yuan per kilometer, will totally cost over 150 billion yuan.

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