Night Life Slows Due to Money Crunch

Night Life Slows Due to Money Crunch


    Due to the gloomy impact of the current economic situation, nowadays fewer customers can be found in the night life spots of Guangzhou, South China.

    Many elite bars, KTVs, clubs and massage centers in the Huanshi Dong and Tianhe areas are more vacant than usual. Businesses that depend largely on "Platinum Members" from Hong Kong are suffering from a business downturn of 20-40%, since many VIPs are remaining in Hong Kong, a region hard hit by the financial crisis.

    The lingering global economic depression, with its lay-offs and pay-cuts, has forced many local white-collars to cut out all the expensive partying, according to an investigation by Guangzhou Daily,

    Taxi business plunges

    With fewer people able to afford to go out, the local taxi business has been slashed. Some taxi drivers said their daily turnover has dropped by nearly 40%.

    Previous queues for taxis outside hot spots have disappeared. Since October it has become much easier to hail a taxi at midnight than before, according to one late-nighter.

    More people are choosing cheaper public transportation to save money.

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