Guangzhou Tourism Booms Unexpectedly, Perhaps Lasts Till March

Guangzhou Tourism Booms Unexpectedly, Perhaps Lasts Till March


    All the big tourist agencies in Guangzhou, South China, cherished much more groups outbound than originally expected till today, the last day of the Spring Festival Golden Week.

    The total group tourists from the city surpassed the one last Spring Festival.

    A Cantonese family are going out of Guangzhou for leisure at the Baiyun Airport during the Spring Festival in January, 2009. (New Express)

    The bullish tourism witnesses five records this year in Golden Weeks:

    1. The lowest price: about 30% down than 2008 averagely;

    2. The most prosperous: For instance, the Guangzhi Lu, a major local agency, enjoyed 80 thousand tourist registrations, some 30% more than last year.

    3. The most new approaches and routes: Cantonese travelers had various new promotions. The registrations for the U.S. and Taiwan Tours were hot and full in the very early stage.

    4. The most upscale receptions: Most Chinese groups were warmly greeted and received abroad. The two groups respectively to Australia and Thailand were even received by local senior officials during the festival.

    5. The most travelers registrations: Guangzhi Lu received over 30 thousand registrations of tourists in Guangzhou only in four days around the New Year¡¯s Day, its record high, and overseas, domestic and in-province tours were all popular.

    Business insiders predicted that this travelling fever would perhaps be continuing until March, thanks to the upcoming price cut by almost 50% for group tours in February, the conventional low season.

    97% travelers into Guangzhou feel ¡°satisfied¡± with their Guangzhou tours, according to a survey to some 1,500 travelers by the Guangzhou Tourism Bureau, 89.22% of those came here for leisure or family or friends visiting.

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