Canton: 8 Bikini Girls Dance In Search of Husband

Canton: 8 Bikini Girls Dance In Search of Husband

    It was cold and rainy in Guangzhou yesterday, but the bad weather didn't deter eight beautiful young ladies from staging a rather unusual performance. At Xiaobei metro station, these girls took her their coats to unveil their bodies, covered only by some very provocative underwear. Who were they and what were they doing?

    (Photos by Information Times)

    Whilst dancing semi-naked in the station corridors, they gave out leaflets to passersby, claiming to be seeking a rich husband, and hoping to convince potential candidates of their beauty and confidence by exhibiting themselves in such a fashion. Whether they found love that day remains unknown and whether rich men even take the metro is questionable; but for sure they attracted attention, with many men drawling and taking pictures sure to soon be found on internet.

    This sad and desperate attempt to find a husband lasted about 10 minutes before security guards came to remove the young women.

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